Life, Bikes, and Family
I grew up north of Grand Marais, MN in the middle of the woods. My childhood was full of outdoor adventures and I learned to respect and thrive in nature. Ever since I was little it has been very hard for me to sit still. I have to always be doing something. As I grew up I played hockey, ran and cross country skied. I was able to run competitively for St. Lawrence University competing in cross country running, indoor track and outdoor track. Since I graduated college my active lifestyle has change. I'll be honest. I am an injured running. In 2014 I purchased my first real bike and from then on have strongly believed that bikes can and will change the world.
Biking has inspired my career and pushes me to be a better person. I love everything about bikes: casual ice cream rides, training, racing, commuting. My bike is at the center of my life and it makes it feel like every day is an adventure.