Sportworks is a manufacturing company that specializes in making bike infrastructure products. The company has two primary business focuses: 1) Bicycle Parking and 2) Bicycle Racks for Commercial Transit Vehicles. Working at Sportworks has been my first dedicated B2B marketing role, and I have learned a ton since I started. One of the skill Is have been working on is fine tuning my voice as a writer to create content that will engage with a wide range of audiences and that stays true to Sportworks as a company. We are helpful, insightful, incredibly detail oriented and prioritize building relationship with our customers.
As the marking specialist at Sportworks, I am responsible for maintaining and updating the Sportworks website, creating all of our digital and print content including product catalogs, brochures, company newsletters, blog posts, social media, and our marketing strategy and content calendar. I am also responsible for taking all of our in-use and product photoshoots and creating our video content.
At Sportworks, I am the only dedicated marketing employee. To execute our marketing strategy and develop content from multiple media types, I collaborate closely with our sales team, engineering team, and warehouse teams. I have also collaborated closely with our customers to arrange photoshoots with bus agencies for our commercial vehicle racks and new construction sites, apartment buildings, and businesses to capture the installation of our bicycle racks into bike rooms.
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